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Appreciate the opportunity to help with pumping unit needs...

G&H Sales has for sale a large inventory of reconditioned pumping units, pumping unit parts, and counterweights at our present location 3713 South County Road 1305, 79765 between Midland and Odessa just off Business I-20. We buy used pumping units / Pump Jack units, field run or cratered. We would appreciate you adding our name to your Surplus Equipment Bidders List. .

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Appreciate the opportunity to help you with your new pumping units and used Pump jack unit needs.

We can bid top dollar on numerous used pumping units / Pump jack units: wide skid, tee base, electric motor or gas engine, even cratered or obsolete. We would appreciate your Surplus Equipment inventory all brands of oilfield pumping units to buy...

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Our Sales depend on a large inventory of refurbished pumping unit, New Pump jacks, New Parts, & recondition pumping unit parts...

Our Sales depend on a large inventory of refurbished pumping unit saddle bearings, tail bearings, crank pin assemblies, walking beams, horseheads, Sampson posts, equalizer & Pittman assemblies, sheaves, brake assemblies, gear cases or even complete exchange or used gear reducers...

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Pumping Unit Parts

We have a large inventory of pumping units parts,new & refurbished, call for the complete used unit inventory..

Obsolete Parts/Brands,Saddle bearings, tail bearings, crank pins, walking beams, horseheads, Sampson posts, equalizers, Pittman, sheaves, and brakes & Pump jack units.. .

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Machine Parts

New/Used parts can be made to specification need to fit all pumping units/pump jacks in house or field.

We can machine a wide assortment of brands & many of those hard to find "obsolete" pumping unit parts. Check out our inventory of used reconditioned Pumping Units for sale call for our inventory page...

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Counter Weights

You can`t miss wide assortment of brands,our buy specialist can give a bid that will make you satisfied to do business with G&H Sales, Inc..

We sell counter weights for all varieties & sizes, Lufkin, American, Bethlehem, National, Cabot, Baker CMI, Continental, Emsco, Parkersburg, Oilwell. We can find the hardest to get Counter Weight...

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Transportation & Oil well Setting Services

right out of the box and equipped to make sure that all components give the best quality units.

Transportation Services Getting your new pumping unit or refurbished pumping unit/Pump jack units on site safety is job one, Oil well Setting Services, Setting your new pumping unit or refurbished pumping unit on the well site safety is job one .

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