Our 40 acre yard has a large inventory of used and refurbished pumping units. New Pumping Units We would appreciate the opportunity to help you with your new pumping units and used pumping units needs. We have 20+ acres dedicated to parts inventory alone. We have a wide assortment of brands & many of those hard to find. .
The personnel of G&H Sales have over 30+ years experience in sales & repair of pumping units...


G&H Sales has for sale a large inventory of reconditioned pumping units, pumping unit parts, and counterweights at our present location 3713 South County Road 1305, 79765 between Midland and Odessa just off Business I-20.

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We buy used pumping units, field run or cratered. We would appreciate you adding our name to your  Surplus Equipment Bidders List.

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Six reasons why oil prices reached new 2016 highs Crude oil was at a 13-year record $25 low in mid-January 2016 and has soared more than 70 per cent since. The battle is on again. We are talking about the mighty forces whipping up the oil prices. How does the investor work out where the oil price will go? Ultimately, you have to make your own forecasts, at least on the general, long term direction of oil prices

- short term movements tend to be driven by news stores on the day. In particular, you need to take into consideration the following dimensions: - Supply and demand: if producers are outstripping demand, prices will fall and if there is a shortage of oil, prices will rise.

- Political events: a war, rebellion or political uncertainty affecting major oil producers may prevent those countries from producing and selling, reducing the supply of oil.

- Economic growth: if demand is expected to grow faster than production, excess supply will be soaked up and shortages will arise.

- Related markets: the futures market, availability of transport, currency rates and the cost and of extraction equipment and labor can all affect the price of oil. We took these factors into consideration when assessing six reasons for the recent rise in crude oil prices.

Will this rally continue, or has the price peaked?


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